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Texas Bluegrass Growing at Our Sod Farm

A New Generation of Sod
Exclusively Offered By
Korby Sod, LLC

TexSTAR is a new generation Texas Bluegrass Hybrid that is tough enough to withstand extreme heat and freezing temperatures. This sod has the water savings and heat tolerance of Tall Fescue and the rhizomes and thickness of Bluegrass.

TexSTAR has increased shade tolerance and increased wear tolerance which allows the sod to self-repair. The nature of this turf reduces the clumping and broadening of the leaf blade width. It is a truly unique cultivar and will go dormant while maintaining its rich green color under hot, dry conditions. At the first sign of moisture, it will quickly recover and resume growth. This sod germinates more quickly than Kentucky Bluegrass. This hybrid thrives under shade conditions where shallow roots are present. With the presence of true bluegrass type rhizomes, it is able to quickly repair thin spots and form durable sod.

For a truly beautiful lawn during the heat of the summer, the choice is TexSTAR

Adaptable multi-use cool season grass for semi arid regions that can be used in a wide range of soil types/conditions. Fine to medium texture. A good quality turf that has longer roots.

Will stay green longer during hot summer months with less water.
• If a grass turf stays green longer, especially during high heat months, everyone benefits from the cooling effects.

Will out perform Tall Fescue and Bluegrass in non-irrigated and cool season climates.
• If a grass turf has a better density it improves foot traction and increases public/private safety.

Recommended For

  • Commercial Use
  • Residential Use


  • Athletic Fields
  • Parks
  • High Traffic Areas
  • Low Maintenance Areas
  • Low Water Use Areas
  • Budget Concern Areas
  • Heat and Drought Areas
  • Environment Concern Area
  • Commercial/Residential Lawns and Landscapes
  • Xeriscape

Reminder: not recommended for use in extreme salt conditions or areas that do not have proper drainage.

Texas Bluegrass - Texas Bluegrass Hybrid

Additional Information

Texas Bluegrass is a native grass of Texas and the Texas Bluegrass Hybrid was created from the crossing of the Texas Bluegrass (Poa arachnifera) with Kentucky Bluegrass (Poa pratensis). Texas Bluegrass x Kentucky Bluegrass = Texas Bluegrass Hybrid (a/k/a Bluegrass Hybrid). One of the earlier and most familiar hybrids made available in the 90's has a name which is the actual variety seed name. Since that earlier time, more hybrids have been made available or are being developed; some with actual variety seed names and others which might be named with their own unique company branded trademark name. Korby Sod, LLC is pleased to introduce our exclusively offered new generation Texas Bluegrass Hybrids, VorTEX (100% Texas Bluegrass Hybrid) and TexSTAR (Specialty Texas Bluegrass Hybrid).

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