El Salto

Above: a square test stand of El Salto stands out clearly against other test grasses on a salty athletic field.

El Salto

Finally–A proven winner for salt soil conditions

El Salto Sod

El Salto

  • Economic—medium water saver
  • 6-way bluegrass blend for salt soil conditions
  • Medium dark color
  • Full sun to partial shade
  • Cool season grass
  • Sandy and loamy soils
  • Medium maintenance
  • Home lawns or commercial
  • Available for farm pickup or delivery and installation

High salt and high water table conditions create problems for turf managers up and down the front range of Colorado. Korby Sod LLC has developed El Salto using a proprietary 6-way blend, creating a stunning performance turf that will withstand salty water issues.

This is an excellent choice for the Rocky Mountain region, including Colorado and New Mexico, anywhere salty water is a concern. The 6 varieties produce a beautiful, thick, even turf.

The seed varieties used are top rated based on NTEP testing. (National testing agency of major turf grass species.)

Sod with confidence!

Reminder: Underground sprinkler system with auto control necessary for good results