Performance Athletic Plus (PF+)

Athletic Turf with Soccer Player

Performance Athletic Plus (PF+)

Unmatched durability and performance for sport fields in salt conditions

Athletic (PF+)

  • Bluegrass—6 way blend
  • Economic—medium water saver
  • Medium dark color
  • Full sun to partial shade
  • High durability, dense appearance
  • Cooler playing surface than artificial turf
  • Cool season
  • Sandy and loam soils
  • Great for salt soils


  • Standard athletic uses
  • Sports fields
  • Athletic fields
  • Golf courses
  • Parks & Landscape projects
  • Wherever superior high traffic durability, density and safety are necessary
  • Available for farm pickup, delivery and installation

One of the Top Turf Choices for Sports Fields
High-use sport field managers demand top-performing turf. But if you have salt issues your choices have been poor—until now. PF+ was developed by Korby Sod, LLC to address the need for a performance turf that will withstand the salty water issues in the mountain region.

This is an excellent choice for athletic fields, golf courses, parks, municipalities or anywhere salty water and high traffic are concerns. The 6 varieties produce a beautiful, thick, even turf with quick recovery characteristics.
The seed varieties used are top rated based on NTEP testing. (National testing agency of major turf grass species.)

Play on!

Reminder: Underground sprinkler system with auto control necessary for good results