Tall Fescue Plus (TF+)

Rhizing Star Tall Fescue Plus

Tall Fescue Plus (TF +)

Fine bladed, dense and durable

Rhizing Star (Rhizomatous Tall Fescue)

Rhizing Star

  • A fine bladed blend that creates highly dense and uniform turf
  • Tall fescue & Texas hybrid bluegrass
  • Cool season
  • Rhizomatous
  • Medium water-wise use
  • Early green-up
  • Durable and versatile
  • Sun OR shade
  • Sandy, loam soils
  • Medium maintenance
  • Home lawns or commercial
  • Available for farm pickup, delivery and installation

Grown exclusively by Korby Sod, LLC, Rhizomatous Tall Fescue is a species of turf grass that is extremely durable and dense. It is characterized by the ability to form new plants off the mother plant via a system of rhizomes.
Rhizomes are ground- and sub-ground level shoots that grow out from the mother plant, connecting new plant growth so that the turf is stronger and denser than other turf types that do not grow this way.


Tall Fescue Plus (TF+) is a 3-variety turf type tall fescue blend combined with a Texas Hybrid bluegrass. It is fine-bladed, highly dense and uniform in appearance. It greens up early in the spring and is able to keep its green appearance all season long. Fescues are water friendly, which can reduce water consumption during the growing season. Endophyte – enhanced to powerfully withstand disease, insects and drought.

Reminder: Underground sprinkler system with auto control necessary for good results