VORTEX Texas Bluegrass Hybrid Sod

VORTEX Bluegrass Sod

Our Best-Selling Sod Variety

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Texas Bluegrass Hybrid

  • “Drought Survivor”
  • Best Seller/Multi use
  • Bluegrass Hybrid Blend
  • Water Saver—low water use
  • Cool, Warm, Transitional seasons
  • Grows well in sandy, loam or clay soils
  • Full sun to partial shade
  • Low maintenance
  • Very versatile—almost any application
  • Available for farm pickup, delivery and installation

VORTEX is a new generation Texas Bluegrass hybrid.

Low maintenance and tough enough to withstand extreme heat and freezing temperatures, this sod combines the heat and drought resistance and water savings of Texas Bluegrass with the known turf quality and density of Kentucky Bluegrass. VorTEX’s deep rhizomes and aggressive growth habit give it excellent sod strength, wear tolerance and recovery, making it ideal for home lawns to sports turf. Because it requires low inputs of both water and nitrogen, it’s a great choice for low maintenance areas. Its shade tolerance extends its use in all landscapes.  It has a fine, rich dark green color.


Premium quality turf with longer roots. Very adaptable multi-use cool season grass for all semi-arid regions (except extreme NE and NW North America) that can be used in a wide range of soil types/conditions. Weed, disease and insect resistant. Low transplant shock. Easy sod establishment except for the coldest months of December/January. Fine to medium texture.  Retains green color with less water during hot summer months.

  • Studies indicate hybrids remain stress-free and green up to 30 days without water.
  • Some hybrids have been shown to remain green even after 14 days of continuous daily temperatures of 104° and nightly temperatures of 86° Fahrenheit.
  • Up to 30% water savings over fescue and bluegrass
  • Dry down period further encourages water savings
  • Out-performs tall fescue and bluegrass in non-irrigated and cool season climates

What is a Texas hybrid?

The Texas Bluegrass Hybrid was created from the crossing of the Texas Bluegrass (Poaarachnifera) with Kentucky Bluegrass (Poapratensis), creating the Texas Bluegrass Hybrid (aka Bluegrass Hybrid). One of the earlier and most familiar hybrids, it was originally introduced in the 90’s. Since then more hybrids have been come into mainstream use, some known by actual variety seed names and other proprietary types under unique, trademark names. Korby Sod, LLC is pleased to offer our exclusive new generation Texas Bluegrass Hybrids, VorTEX (100% Texas Bluegrass Hybrid) and TexSTAR (Specialty Texas Bluegrass Hybrid).

Reminder: Underground sprinkler system with auto control recommended for best results