Xeriscape 80-20

xeriscape Sod


Flood Extreme tolerant, from Wet to Dry


  • Medium maintenance
  • Medium water use
  • Tall fescue/bluegrass (80/20)
  • Cool season
  • Full sun to partial shade
  • Sandy and loam soils
  • Commercial-residential
  • Flood tolerant
  • Drought resistant
  • Golf courses
  • Athletic Fields
  • Parks
  • Road sides
  • Home & commercial lawns
  • Xeriscape projects
  • Available for farm pickup, delivery and installation

New and improved solution for water-conserving turf that is smooth and durable. A favorite that can be used for roadsides, golf courses, residential and commercial lawns.

80/20 Tall Fescue and Bluegrass

Tall Fescue is widely known for its capacity to grow very deep roots and thereby become a long-term, low water usage turf, suitable for drought-prone areas. This same deep root system also enables tall fescue to tolerate overly wet soils, so it is flood tolerant for short periods of time. The low water/brief flood adaptability of tall fescue makes it highly desirable turf in more extreme situations, from xeriscape zones to roadsides. Adding bluegrass solves issues of uneven surface clumping and maintenance concerns while still taking advantage of tall fescue’s superior water efficiency. This 80/20 Xeriscape turf is a better solution for water-conserving turf that is smooth and durable enough for golf courses, athletic fields, roadsides, xeriscape projects and residential lawns while at the same time reducing your maintenance costs.

Reminder: Underground sprinkler system with auto control recommended for best results